Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One day at a time...

I can say that each and everyday gets better. My son has really been opening up for the past week and the only thing that is different is me paying more attention to his needs then what I did before. For example a few days ago he fell off his chair and bit through his lip...OUCH!! He normally doesn't cry over things like this. Today I ran over to get him with blood everywhere and cleaned him up and I sat with him for a little bit babying him. Well after that he would purposely run into the wall and come to me to let me know he needs a kiss on his head and his knee and his arm...etc. Every since then he has been very alert to the fact that if he is hurt mom will make it better some how. He also has been laughing for me not alot but I will take anything. This process is slow but very much worth it.

On a different note....

The boys got their first haircut since being home Ezra has to have his pretty short because he is super tender headed an the comb is not his friend. Javon loves his hair and wasn't sure about us cutting it at first but he still has long curls and trust me he put his hands up there to make sure when we were finished.

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