Monday, August 15, 2011


Not to sure why this has happened but its a little fustrating to say the least. Eight months ago when we picked up Javon he would literally eat anything and a lot of it. But about a month ago he decided he doesn't like anything, in fact he will make himself throw up if you try and make him eat. I normally wouldn't worry about this but he lost 3lbs on his last DR visit. So this means he has lost almost everything he gained since being home. One would figure its probably because he just an active kid but he's far from that. He is so calm and laid back he never runs, jumps or acts like a normal 2yr old does (don't get me wrong this is fine with me) he plays quietly most days with his toys or he sits and likes to be rocked. I just worry about his weight and him needing good nutrition with his meds and such.
My sister took Javon to Target with her a couple days ago. HIS FIRST OUTTING WITHOUT ME!! Ezra decided to stay but then he cries at the door for JAJON! JAJON! JAJON! First time in eight months they had been seperated for anything. They definately have a bond. They are so cute to watch together when they aren't fighting over things of course.So that has been about all that's going on here not a lot has changed. Oh and Zylla (Eyerus) will be coming home VERY soon, we can't wait for her to be with us.