Thursday, January 13, 2011

4 days I can't believe it...

Our journey started back in March of 09 seems like a lifetime ago. When I stop and think about how far we have come it's overwhelming but seeing pictures of the kiddos that await my return makes it all worth it. We started off back in March of 09 wanting a healthy baby girl and a boy under 3 but as time went on our hearts grew and we knew that we could handle so much more. We knew that if our children were to come home and tested HIV positive we would be fine with why weren't we requesting a child or children with HIV? This is the question that we asked for months before I even brought this up to Brett. The day I brought this up to Brett literally opened the best door ever for us. If it wasn't for that phone conversation we wouldn't have the beautiful children that we have now. Makes me tear up everytime I think about how these 3 children because of a virus may of never found parents to love them. Research is the only thing that convenced us 100% that this was the direction that was right for our family. If families only knew how super easy it is to control and how they can't get HIV from their positive child, I think more would leave this as an option in their adoption journey. Telling family and friends was harder than researching and learning how to deal with it after they are home. Everyone so far has been really good about it, but it may be because we refuse to let the ones who have an issue affect us and our decisions. We love these kids so much and couldn't imagine our lives without them. It's something that felt right from the beginning and once I seen my precious Menja's face I knew we made the right decision. Who would of guessed that 19 months ago I would be leaving in 4 days to pick up my 2 BOYS, and later meet my girl at the airport,remember we wanted a girl and a boy. It's funny how when you start your adoption journey you have a certain level of expectation but as time passes you realize how your expectations may not be best for your family. Right now adding an 8yr old daughter, 19m old son, and an 8m old son to our 15 yr old daughter, 12 yr old son, and 9yr old daughter is what is right for our family and I wouldn't want it any other way. So I am requesting the next 4 days to pass quickly so I can go get my BABIES.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Meeting our children

At the airport ready to get to Ethiopia to see our children. A little cheezy I know but when the kids are not with you to take the picture what are you to do?

The airport in Addis, it was crazy and I had never seen anything so crazy in my life. I didn't know what to expect after leaving the airport and quite frankly was a little worried. But all was good after the first couple days and the culture shock went away.

This kids say he's definately the baby of the family or mammas baby anyway. There is something about this boy that makes me love him so much I'm absolutely lost right now without him. Not that I don't feel the same way about my other kids but I'm telling you there is something special here. Our first meeting with him was a piece of cake. I walk in start talking to him, pick him up and POW I stole his heart he stole mine. I had to hand him to dad because if I didn't right away he wouldn't of got to hold him at all the week we were there.

Look at the picture above I was so happy to be there but our little man just didn't find us very amuzing at all. Which explains the aggrevated look on my face. No need to worry though I was expecting it and by Friday (the day we were leaving) he had warmed up to me. THANK GOD!! He is shy it will take time. The first meeting with him was a tough one all he did was look at us like we were aliens or something. He warmed up to daddy the first day more so than with me, it took all week for me.

Our first meeting with our daughter went really great. The first glimpse of her was her running down the road to get ready for us, we were so excited that we arrived early. When they were singing to us I did everything in my power to hold back the tears but then I looked at her and she has tears streaming down her face. It was finally her turn. Made my heart bust with joy I was crying the happiest cry ever (on the inside of course). She couldn't get down the stairs fast enough to come to us. Makes me cry to think about it.

Our daughters first attempt at self portrait...

I would hate to know that I was the one who had to wash these diapers everyday if not multiple times a day.

This was taken the day we were leaving I held him until he was asleep. I couldn't of left if he was awake. I didn't even take this picture I sent dad in to lay him down and take this picture.

This boy can eat....which is good since he need to gain the weight. This bread was the beginning of his lunch he also had 4oz of milk and a bowl of rice. He was very ticked at me when I thought he had enough and stopped spooning the rice in. I think the grocery bill may get bigger soon.
Shortly after this picture it was time to say goodbye.

The kids have great imaginations we got a coffee ceremony made from play doh.

It was so hard to say good bye to the kids, all of them not just the ones who will be coming home with us. I can't wait to go back.