Saturday, July 16, 2011

When your child misses their birth country.

It seems crazy but I believe with all my heart that my son is missing his birth country something terribly. I wear my necklace of Africa and he is always looking at it and I tell him he's from Africa he gets so happy when I talk about Ethiopia. He turns into a different child. I don't get how a 2yr old can remember things about his birth country but I will let him watch videos of Ethiopia and he shakes his head yes the whole time with a smile on his face. I asked him tonight if he wanted to go back to Ethiopia and he got so excited I swear if he could he would of packed his clothes and been ready to leave. So what do you do for a child who misses their birth country so much that they seem depresssed at times? I'm not sure at this point but videos do seem to help him cheer up some and makes the day bearable for him. I plan to make him a scrapbook he can look at when ever he wants with pictures of Ethiopia only. And who knows we may be visiting real soon anyway.

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