Thursday, August 26, 2010


Have you ever loved someone so much that when you see there picture it knots your stomach? I don't know if its because my boys are halfway around the world but everytime I turn my phone on and see their picture it just knots my stomach up. I can't wait to see them and to get them home. 32 days until court opens back up these days do not fly by, by any means. I can't do enough to make time fly, these boys are on my mind night and day. I wish they wouldn't close courts for so long it kills the parents waiting.....=(

Friday, August 13, 2010

Garage Sale

Well another weekend of garage sale. I hate doing garage sales... but I will do anything to raise the money to get my boys home. Almost there one more garage sale to go after this one. So far today I made 600.00 not bad for one day but that is nothing compared to my other garage sales. At least I don't need as much as I did when I did the other garage sales. We are getting there baby boys...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I got another report from a mom who is in Addis at this time. Seems like all good reports so far. Yohannes has a bad cold at this time as does the other children in the orphanage. Just wish we were there to get him already. Menja is a little harder for people to check on for some reason. I have only got two reports on him from families who have been there. Both said the same thing about his orphanage, that they were over crowded. The one mother said I should consider staying until time to bring them home but sometimes that's unreasonable. Though that could all change with one look at how they are doing. This is such a hard time in the process.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Signing papers never felt so good!

So after three long weeks we were finally able to sign papers for Yohannes. YAY!! He is so adorable the kids love his eyes and his mouth. His mouth is continually open in his pictures. The kids say its like his mouth is too heavy. Now on to waiting some 49 days for court to open... not that we are counting or anything. Our boys will be glued to me for awhile especially considering I have been paper pregnant with them for 22 months by the time they are home. WOW that's a long time.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


On July 16 we got pictures of Yohannes. It has been a long three weeks waiting to be able to sign papers
for Yohannes. We have been a bit worried about him but we are constantly told he's in good hands. All we
can do is hope that's the case. We hear he's a tiny little boy, but we could see that was the case on
his monthly update, there is 2 lbs difference between Menja and Yohannes and 4inches. We can't wait
for court to open back up. Only 50 days to wait in adoption language equals FOREVER.