Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why did I choose to adopt from Africa??

I'm asked this question all the time and its very fustrating. People feel that the US should always be your first choice and for some people it is. For me though I knew that my heart was in Africa I had seen pictures of children that were in this shape on tv and it breaks my heart to think that a child has to deal with these kinds of things ITS NOT FAIR

People ask weren't you afraid that your children would have hiv? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! In fact these are the very children I asked for. All children deserve love no matter what race, nationality, background, or disease they may have. People are afraid that my children will die an early death and that I will be crushed but seriously even if they were to die tomorrow I would have no regrets. I know that if they were to die tomorrow it wouldn't be from their hiv. Any of our kids can die at anytime so is that going to keep you from having kids and loving them? Just look what a little love can do for these children:

This is my princess back in May/June 2010 about 30lbs of course she has a smile but its not a true happy smile. Now this is Eyerus April 2011 about 40lbs,smiling for her momma in Ethiopia

Here's my little Yohannes 15m 16lbs so sad I was really worried about this little guy but knew that there was no way that this boy belonged with anyone else:
This is Javon (Yohannes) home 2months and 27lbs 8lbs of this was gained at home.
Then I have my little Menja:

So why did I choose Africa?

Why do you choose the things you do? Why does anyone choose anything in life? Because its what you wanted to choose. I love these kids as my own and it doesn't matter where they came from.

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